P90x3 Extreme Fitness in 30 Minutes

P90x3 Coming December 10th 2013

It’s almost here and just in time to fill your Christmas Stocking…P90x3. This time it’s different! All you love about Tony Horton and P90x condensed into 30 minute workouts! Check it out Just 30 minutes a day for results…who doesn’t have time for that. Work off that post holiday bloat with a New Years Resolution [...]

Beachbody Black Friday Deals

Beachbody black friday deals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Beachbody Black Friday deals launched today and run until stocks last (which from past history really won’t be long). Check out these great deals: AND there’s even more on the website: www.Teambeachbody.com Get ready for your New Years Resolutions or stuff your sweeties Christmas stocking with P90x, Turbofire, [...]

Tackle That Life Roadblock! 4 Simple Steps to Getting it Done!

$ Simple Steps to Getting it Done!

Inspiration can be found everywhere…something I realized on Sunday while listening to our Pastor’s sermon and a topic that can be applied to so many aspects of everyday life. While the sermon was drawing comparisions of the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem (Nehmiah) to the rebuilding of our beautiful city after the recent devastating [...]

Putting Mommy First

Putting mommy First for once

You got up early this  morning preparing for breakfast, packing lunches, laying out  clothes, cleaning the house, caring for kids,  it has been a long day and you haven’t stopped yet. Rinse and repeat tomorrow! Is this you? You love your family but you just don’t have any time for yourself and sometimes its overwhelming. Things [...]

Change Your Habits to Achieve your goals

Change Your Habits to Achieve Your Goals

I am my own worst enemy!!!  BUT I’m not alone, in fact most of the time everyone is their own worst enemy. We all stop ourselves from achieving our goals and often from reaching our true potential with negative self talk. It’s the little voice in our heads that says; ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m not clever [...]

Healthy Lunches on the Go

Healthy Lunches on the GO

Lunch is an important meal in your day, and you really shouldn’t skip it. Many of us are rushed for time and think that a cup of coffee will suffice or that because they ate a big breakfast that will keep us going but that’s simply not the case. When you  skip lunch, you are much [...]

Is Organic Really worth the Price Tag?

Is Organic Worth It

Urgh grocery shopping the bane of my week! As if planning a healthy diet for the family isn’t hard enough without all the confusing labels…organic, all natural, healthy, low fat, fat free, sugar free, zero calories! One hour to do the groceries before schools out and my head is spinning. I’m confused by the labeling [...]

Get Energy to Last all Day – The Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise

As busy moms we all have plenty of excuses not to exercise: too busy, too stressed, not enough time, too tired.  Supermom syndrome at it’s best; balancing the wants and needs of our kids, spouse, job, family and lifestyle; take’s it’s toll. How can we shoot lasers from our eyes when at the end of [...]